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Baby Bump!


Hello lovely bloggers 🙂  A very quick post today, it’s my birthday and the hubby and I are off out later so just making sure everything is in order but just wanted to show you my latest creation that I am sooooo proud of (mainly because it actually turned out ok!)

P1100975 P1100977 P1100980

I’m delighted with it! 🙂  Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

Vicki x



Finding My Mojo!?


Wow feels like an age since I posted on here last, just haven’t had any urge to craft what so ever (sigh!)    Today though I have actually made two cards, one for my friends birthday and she is honoured because I have been buying birthday cards of  late (ashamed to admit) and another one is an order so didn’t have much choice, it had to be done!

I have to admit I really have enjoyed making my cards today and I really do miss it.  Life has been soooo busy of  late and not very enjoyable, I wonder how most people cope with full-time jobs, families to look after and house to keep :0 and little old me only works ‘part-time’!  I take my hat off to all you full timers and mums with more than two….lol

Anyway, not got any cards to show today, not quite finished but I did make these at a class I went to with my friend  (her birthday treat from me.)  Sadly they are all gone now and very nice they were too!


It feels good to be back blogging, just hope I can make more time to do some more crafting.

Take care

Vicki x

Cake Pops!


Heck, it’s been awhile since I posted on here, everyday life just seems to be getting in the way (how rude!)  Well I don’t have any cards to show because I have actually forgotten to photograph the last few I’ve made (clown) so thought I’d share these with you instead (not literally though.)

This was supposed to be my mothers day present (cake pop class) but as my two boys went out and bought me lovely presents using their own pocket money, this was just a bonus 😉

P1090830 P1090838

They tasted very, very yummy!

Hope you all have a good weekend 🙂

Vicki x



Just thought I’d share these little yummies with you (not literally though….lol) went to a cupcake class today with my friend and spent a lovely few hours playing with fondant and flower paste!

P1090797 P1090800 P1090803

Off out now to a family house party, hope you all have a good night 😉

Vicki x

Cake Therapy.


Woke up this morning with a headache (for a change, not) took some painkillers as you do, in the hope that the painkillers would do exactly as they say and kill the pain!  Oh no, two hours later still got the headache so decided I needed to do something to take my mind of it.  So I decided I would make some cake decorations from flower paste and they would be already and done for the next batch of cakes.


I didn’t actually intend to make the cakes so soon but once I had made the decorations I was on a bit of a roll.  They haven’t turned out quite how I intended but my super duper ‘kitchen aid’ over mixed the butter cream to the point of no return and it was too hard to pipe :O   I even had to zapp it in the microwave before I could spread it with a palette knife!

All said and done, they tasted fine and the headache disappeared (I was in the kitchen for about 6hrs mind 😉

Vicki x