Monthly Archives: September 2016

University of Leeds (here we come)


Well today has been a very emotional day for our family, I’ve been dreading this day for so long but at the same time I feel extremely proud. Our  eldest son spread his wings and went off to uni, it’s been a difficult day and I feel very, very emotional, I feel like a part of me is missing and so far I haven’t coped very well.  My youngest son who is just thirteen is heart broken, our  boys are very close and Benjamin has never been away from home before,  I think it’s going to take awhile to adjust but I’m sure we’ll get there 😦

University of Leeds

This is taken at his halls in the kitchen diner, it’s a lovely new build and very nice too!  I’m sure he’ll have an amazing time and make some fabulous memories, I just miss him so much 😦

Sorry no cards, hope to post some soon.


Vicki x