Forever Friends…..


For those of you who read my last post, you will know I’m on a mission to see how many of these cards I can make using a free gift from my craft mag. and then I will be donating them to my local hospice.  Lol, I’ve only managed 4 so far (hangs head in shame.)


So today I thought I would bake a banana & walnut tea bread, to use up the bananas that had gone slightly brownish!  All went well, mixed, baked and came out of the tin first time, perfect!  I left it for about 10 minutes and then cut the first slice, still a bit warm so thought I’d leave it until after tea.  Ok after tea came and went but I still thought the cake looked a bit heavy and wet (if that’s possible?)  Forth piece in and I suddenly realised I’d used plain flour instead of self raising, Arrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!  It’s still edible, just a bit heavy!?  😦  (clown!)

Have a good weekend.

Vicki x


About vickiscraft

My name is Vicki, I live in Merseyside, I am married to Tom and we have two fabulous boys. I have always crafted from a very young age when my Nan taught me to knit and embroider, now I am totally addicted to anything papercraft, cake making/decorating and most things crafty! Thanks for taking the time to visit me here. xx

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  1. Hi Vicki, sorry I’ve not been around much. Gorgeous card – just the CAS style I love. The heart bunting is perfect! Lol, I wouldn’t even know how to start making banana and walnut tea bread but it sounds delicious. Have you got a recipe you can share?

  2. What a cute card and with the previous 3 you are making a great collection for the Hospice. I smiled at your description of your heavy cake. I had a similar experience on Friday when I made some muffins but had run out of plain flour. I used SR instead but forgot and still added 2 tsp of baking powder. Those muffins grew VERY tall but flopped right down after they came out of the oven to end up as too heavy to eat. The birds didn’t seem to mind though and they had all disappeared from the garden in a few hours.

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