Finding My Mojo!?


Wow feels like an age since I posted on here last, just haven’t had any urge to craft what so ever (sigh!)    Today though I have actually made two cards, one for my friends birthday and she is honoured because I have been buying birthday cards of  late (ashamed to admit) and another one is an order so didn’t have much choice, it had to be done!

I have to admit I really have enjoyed making my cards today and I really do miss it.  Life has been soooo busy of  late and not very enjoyable, I wonder how most people cope with full-time jobs, families to look after and house to keep :0 and little old me only works ‘part-time’!  I take my hat off to all you full timers and mums with more than two….lol

Anyway, not got any cards to show today, not quite finished but I did make these at a class I went to with my friend  (her birthday treat from me.)  Sadly they are all gone now and very nice they were too!


It feels good to be back blogging, just hope I can make more time to do some more crafting.

Take care

Vicki x


About vickiscraft

My name is Vicki, I live in Merseyside, I am married to Tom and we have two fabulous boys. I have always crafted from a very young age when my Nan taught me to knit and embroider, now I am totally addicted to anything papercraft, cake making/decorating and most things crafty! Thanks for taking the time to visit me here. xx

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  1. WOW!!, look at you and you fabulous cakes!! Good to hear from you I often think about you so glad you messaged. Like your new home and you new found skills very impressed. Bi ghugs xx

  2. Hi, Vicki! I know what it’s like to lose your Mojo – mine deserted me over Christmas and carried on into the New Year! I am now just enjoying crafting as a hobby again, but hope that some day my design mojo might reappear!
    Love the look of those fab cupcakes! I love baking, the only problem being I tend to eat the results and it’s not good for the waistline, or hips, or thighs…you get the picture! Do you know that you can use your embossing folders to emboss icing like the cake in the top left of the picture?! You just have to make sure you clean them first (!) then with the folder open, lay your rolled icing on top and roll over once more!
    Glad to see you back in blogland and hope to see you more! Lisa x

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