Cake Therapy.


Woke up this morning with a headache (for a change, not) took some painkillers as you do, in the hope that the painkillers would do exactly as they say and kill the pain!  Oh no, two hours later still got the headache so decided I needed to do something to take my mind of it.  So I decided I would make some cake decorations from flower paste and they would be already and done for the next batch of cakes.


I didn’t actually intend to make the cakes so soon but once I had made the decorations I was on a bit of a roll.  They haven’t turned out quite how I intended but my super duper ‘kitchen aid’ over mixed the butter cream to the point of no return and it was too hard to pipe :O   I even had to zapp it in the microwave before I could spread it with a palette knife!

All said and done, they tasted fine and the headache disappeared (I was in the kitchen for about 6hrs mind 😉

Vicki x 


About vickiscraft

My name is Vicki, I live in Merseyside, I am married to Tom and we have two fabulous boys. I have always crafted from a very young age when my Nan taught me to knit and embroider, now I am totally addicted to anything papercraft, cake making/decorating and most things crafty! Thanks for taking the time to visit me here. xx

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