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Birthday Card & Tag!


Just a quick post to show you a birthday card and matching tag I made for one of my friends who celebrated her birthday last week (I’ve had a fare few cards to make this month.)

P1090713 P1090709 P1090706

The image is one I got awhile ago from Pink Gem Designs and the paper and tag die are Stampin’Up.


Vicki x



Cake Therapy.


Woke up this morning with a headache (for a change, not) took some painkillers as you do, in the hope that the painkillers would do exactly as they say and kill the pain!  Oh no, two hours later still got the headache so decided I needed to do something to take my mind of it.  So I decided I would make some cake decorations from flower paste and they would be already and done for the next batch of cakes.


I didn’t actually intend to make the cakes so soon but once I had made the decorations I was on a bit of a roll.  They haven’t turned out quite how I intended but my super duper ‘kitchen aid’ over mixed the butter cream to the point of no return and it was too hard to pipe :O   I even had to zapp it in the microwave before I could spread it with a palette knife!

All said and done, they tasted fine and the headache disappeared (I was in the kitchen for about 6hrs mind 😉

Vicki x 

Here We Snow Again!


OMG, I can’t believe we have snow again, a week to the day it came down last time.  I actually think it’s much thicker this time so tomorrow will be mayhem, great for the kiddy winks but I need to go shopping! (joy)





Just love the way it makes everything look so nice 🙂

Thanks for visiting,

Vicki x

Sewing Notions


I think it’s safe to show this card now, since I delivered it today about two weeks too late!  They do say better late than never but I’m not so sure, I do like to give a card on the day.  Anyhow, delivered safe and sound to my friend Keren, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this month and a fine time she had too (truly deserved!)

P1090652 P1090653

I do love this stamp set, got a thing for anything haberdashery and since Keren  loves sewing, it fits perfectly 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying the snow, hopefully by Monday it will have gone and things will be back to normal (fingers crossed.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Vicki x

Christmas Cards!?


I know but I thought I would get a head start and begin them now.  Had a bit of a crafty night on Friday and made a start, so going to try and make a date once a month for Christmas cards only!  This was my first week back at work and I was quite looking forward to it but needless to say by Thursday I didn’t feel like I’d had a holiday (typical) all back to normal.

Ok, so pictures of the Christmas cards


These ones were inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest

P1090642 P1090646

And this one has been totally CASed from a card a friend sent me one Christmas (but not this one).

Shall be back soon with some more birthday cards I have been making, got quite a few to make this month.


Vicki x

First Card of the Year!


This is a card I’ve made for a work colleague who is celebrating her birthday this week.  Unfortunately she won’t receive it until we return to work next Tuesday (yay, a few more days off!)


I have used ‘Toadally Yours’ from the ‘Nitwits’ collection and just added a few gem stones and some glaze.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Vicki x

Christmas Tags!


Happy New Year, hope you all had a good night with family and friends!  Just thought I’d show you my last minute and very quick gift tags I made for my Christmas presents this year to go with my very quick and simple wrapping (brown paper and string) and very effective it looked too 😉



It’s true what they say, less is more (wink!)

Enjoy the rest of the holidays

Vicki x